Property Management

The Aston team’s approach to property management begins with the philosophy of treating every property as if it were our own.  From this platform, we are able to continually and proactively enhance property value.

With a combined staff experience of more than 25 years, we offer each property a full range of hands-on services that are customized to the unique requirements of each property.  These services include:

  • Local market experience to take care of details.
  • Long-term vendor relationships.
  • Maintaining positive property aesthetics.
  • 24/7 availability as well as frequent on-site management.
  • Understanding of tenant financial well-being and assistance with success.
  • Protection — and enhancement — of investment for our partners
  • Tailored reports for ownership groups that provide current details of property status.
  • Knowledge of — and assistance with “Green” initiatives including LED lighting, storm drains, rain gardens and other best practices.


Contact one of our skilled Property Managers for how we can assist you:

Mary Anne Richard

Charlie Bernstein