Our Story

For over 35 years, Aston Properties has built an impeccable reputation in the retail real estate industry across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.  This reputation has been earned through the skills and dedication of Aston Properties’ people and is manifested in client success.  Our reputation is built on honoring commitments and respecting relationships.

Aston Properties was founded in 1980 by Steele Dewey to provide attractive, functional shopping centers in Southeastern small towns and communities.  We formed mutually beneficial and enduring relationships with grocery, department, discount and drug stores.  At the same time, we began assembling a full service staff of exceptional real estate professionals.

As the population and wealth of the major metropolitan areas of our region have flourished, so has Aston Properties.  A deep knowledge and understanding of our markets, coupled with an experienced and dynamic team have afforded us a unique and strategic advantage in our retail development and acquisitions business.  As a result, we have a long track record of success and are well positioned to capitalize on future opportunities.

Aston employees — the Aston family — demonstrate longevity and loyalty, and the company is likewise loyal to them.  For our clients and partners, this means a dependable and consistent experience in working with Aston Properties.  We’ve instilled good management practices, offering our employees opportunity and tools to succeed.

Aston Properties is known by employees, business partners, lenders, tenants and contractors alike for performance, reliability and integrity.  We remain true to our vision of improving the quality of shopping experiences through responsible retail development and best practices in property leasing and management.